In order to create unique pieces of exceptional quality, we have excluded all synthetic chemical fibers from our production. So you will not find in our products plastic fibers.

Why such a choice ?

We strive not to use plastics for our labels, packaging and any other ancillary products that we will use to strengthen our commitments. This choice is motivated by the environmental impact these materials produce and their possible impact on our health.

In addition to the pollution caused by their production methods, plastic fibers continue to pollute throughout their lifespan. The micro-particles that escape during the production, washing and drying of products end up in our rivers and oceans, thus contaminating our waters and aquatic living beings.

What risks for us?

On an individual level, plastic fibers can cause allergies, irritations, itchy skin and much more. Indeed, the presence of plastic micro-particles has not only been detected in aquatic environments but also in living organisms, their digestive systems and their tissues. Sometimes on our plates.

How to solve this problem ?

Faced with these issues, L’étoffe de Saba has chosen to favor natural textile fibers. We are currently working with silk. It is a natural fiber of animal origin that is traditionally extracted from silkworms in West Asia. This is also the case for our silk which is extracted in Asia and then processed in Europe and France by our French supplier.

The choice we have made to offer only natural materials is motivated by the exceptional quality of these materials, especially silk and also by taking into account the wide distribution of plastic particles harmful to all living organisms.


In an ecological logic, we have chosen not to work with classic cotton or leather. Indeed, the production of cotton or leather textiles has serious effects on the environment, particularly on water pollution. We do not rule out working in the long term with organic cotton and we are currently developing ideas for creating veils, hijabs and scarves innatural plant fibers, always taking care to know their impact on our bodies, on other beings. -live and on our planet.


For more information, you can visit the websites of theFashion Revolutionand Create Sustain movements.

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