Sumptuous and royal, silk is a noble and precious material. 

It is natural and contributes to the preservation of the beauty of the skin and the hair.

We have chosen silk as the main material for our hijabs because we believe in its many virtues. 

Let’s discover its history together …


Silk was originally discovered in China by Empress Xi Ling Shi. 

Confucius relates. One day, while drinking tea under a mulberry tree, the wife of Emperor Huang-Di wanted to remove from her cup a bombyx cocoon that had fallen into it. The cocoon began to unfold and at the same time, the silk thread was discovered. Silk very quickly became a material as sublime as it was rare and reserved for imperial clothing. 


The weaving of silk thread is particularly important. These are the different weaves that give an exceptional rendering to the fabric. Here is our selection: silk satin is ultra light, soft and silky. The crepe is slightly wavy, opaque and shiny. La Georgette is incredibly light, fluid and subtly transparent.

We also offer a cotton-silk blend that combines the softness of cotton with the shine of silk thread.

We also offer a cotton-silk blend that combines the softness of cotton with the shine of silk thread.

In addition to offering unparalleled thermal comfort (it is thermoregulatory, meaning it keeps you warm in winter and keeps the head cool in summer), silk is recognized for its multiple properties.

First of all, it captures moisture and prevents dehydration of the hair thanks to its naturally protective barrier. The softness of the silk prevents excessive friction which helps reduce hair breakage, frizz and broken hair. Finally, silk proteins soften the hair and nourish it deeply and contributes to a strong reduction in hair loss.

For the skin, silk releases natural proteins that help fight skin aging. It is hypoallergenic and has enzymes andanti-bacterialqualities that prevent the appearance of blemishes and skin inflammation such as acne. Also, it maintains the natural hydration of the skin thanks to its protective barrier.

And finally, silk is ultra resistant: it is the strongest natural fiberknown to date.

Your hair will therefore be more beautiful, soft and shiny, less brittle and your skin will be more luminous.

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