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The Muslim Women's Day in France

The Muslim Women’s Day launched at the initiative of Amani Al-Khatahtbeh in 2017 in the United States is a day of celebration of Muslim women.

Today, many of us are celebrating this day and claiming Muslim women’s rights and freedom.

It is in such a peculiar context that today we are carrying the voice of this movement by celebrating Muslim Women’s Day in France and around the world.

If the current situation of confinement is unfavourable to the expression of our fundamental freedoms, it remains the medium of collective awareness. he one that pushes everyone to express their solidarity on a daily basis, at 8 p.m., staying at home, volunteering, going to work… This solidarity must be cherished, protected to keep on opening ourselves up to the world , to continue loving others.

In France, being an assumed and committed Muslim woman is an act of bravery in itself. When, like me, we wear the veil, we are – despite ourselves – on the front line, stared, facing incomprehension, aversion… attacks. Also, It sometimes comes from those who share our faith, by judging, criticizing. In short, it’s not anymore just a piece of cloth that we put on our head, it’s also a mental load.

« If I wear my veil at this interview, do I have any chances? », « Will I be accepted in this school with the veil? ». So many questions that parasitize the incredible sensations that you feel when you wear the veil. The confidence, the determination, the strength to undertake everything.

Now is the time to act to gain acceptance, no matter what. Today, we must speak out for us, for all the women out there.

The happy days are not far away. Let’s stay the course, let’s stand together.

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