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Châle, étoffes et étoles en soie française L'étoffe de Saba


The fabric of Saba is a human-sized company that was founded in August 2020 in Caen, Normandy.

We have created a brand for women whoare enjoyed by the Orient,André Malraux’s travels and the splendour of the kingdom of Saba.

We also created it to rediscover the pleasure of beautiful things and especially that of wearing beautiful materials.

Silk is the flagship natural material in our collection. Made in France, woven and dyed near Saint-Etienne, it is the perfect ambassador of French know-how and excellence. Soft, silky, shiny, our silk is simply sublime.

With the help of companies labelled As Living Heritage Companies,emeritus craftsmen, experienced seamstresses and an art embroiderer, we work to make this excellence shine.


Behind these creations are women from Normandy. Originally from Algeria, my mother and aunt instilled in me at a very young age the love of sewing. We started to create and share our creations. Clothes and accessories to exceptional pieces. We’ve always created pieces that look like us.

Create, first to meet our needs, then it quickly expanded to our close entourage. Our cousins, nieces and grandmothers were quickly conquered.

A sharing that continues to this day through the development of The Stuff of Saba.


We have launched to offer you products made in France, in Normandy more precisely.

Each of the pieces you will find in our shop is made by our seamstresses from a sublime French silk.

The silk armor differs from coin to make you enjoy the versatility of this natural material.

Voile en Georgette de soie bleu canard


We pass on the legacy of L’stuff de Saba through hand embroidery, made with French silk by Marie, our art embroiderer.

For more than 20 years, Marie has been an embroiderer and seamstress in haute couture. Today, independent, she accompanies us with her expertise and know-how.

Each veil and scarf is decorated with the house’s logo, the « S » symbolizing the journey to the distant lands of the Kingdom of Saba adorned with its meticulously crafted silk square.

a reflection of French know-how

Every partner we work with is distinguished by a label. Whether they are labelled E.P.V., the best craftsmen in France, embroiderers of art, the best cardboard makers in France, all of them, contribute to make L’stuff de Saba a reflection of French know-how. 

L'étoffe de Saba
voile en crêpe de soie gris fumée - L'étoffe de Saba

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