Wishing you and your family and friends a blessed month ahead. This year, more than ever, we have to keep on believing and stay strong together appart. We have too much to celebrate, health, love, safety and faith among other things specific to each one of us.

Our community is still here, strong to figth our feards and anxiety toward sickness, death and losses. We all have to stand for each other, to support one another, to spread love and optimism toward what god has decided for us.

So, let’s strive to use Ramadan during this time of uncertainty to grow spiritually, emotionnaly and to be the best version of ourselves.

Wishing you all a healthy and blessed Ramadan.

May allah light up our hearts with joy and love.
May allah accept all our prayers for the one of us who are sick and anxious and for the one that leaves this world.

May allah accept all our fasts, duas and may He make us of thos who are expiated of all sins.

With love,

L’étoffe de Saba Team

L'étoffe de Saba Hijabs en georgette de soie naturelle made in France
voile en crêpe de soie gris fumée - L'étoffe de Saba

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