French silk, refined and delicate.

Handmadein Normandy. Adorned with the house’s logo,the iconic “S” and its hand embroidered silk square with French silk thread.





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Silk fabrics

As the basic of a feminine wardrobe, every woman should be comfortable, beautiful and refinedwith a hijab, shawl or stole on her shoulders, on her head. Our collection of women’s silk hijabs, veil, and women’s shawls fulfils all these requirements: from the original silk veil to the shawl for summer dresses, to the veil that covers hair and chest, there is a fabric for every situation and occasion. The veils are as fluid and casual as they are structured and elegant, as are the sails that adapt to chic, exceptional and casual occasions. They are available in satin silk armor, crepe, Georgette and cotton and silk mix. A lot of styles to fit each silhouette, each shoulder. Our solid range, with its bright and deep colours, allows you to find the shawl that suits every mood.

The large and enveloping stoles are as unforgettable as they are unique. As classic as they are attractive; pink, green, orange, purple and blue combine to create a collection of contrasting stoles of pronounced colors and blocks of bright colors. While our range of darker, darker and sober silk crepe veils, such as smoky Adriatic blue and grey, also includes the perfect little black stole. The stole worn with a wedding dress replaces the cardigan. The shawls, stoles, fabrics and veils are an ideal complement to an effortless, elegant look. With a pair of heels, highs, they give pleasure to your figure. They are ideal for parties, with feminine and elegant dresses. They turn into must-haves that will make every woman proud of her wardrobe.

Hand embroidered with French silk thread by our art embroiderer, our fabrics are all unique and meticulously crafted.

La maison

L’étoffe de Saba est une entreprise française à taille humaine d’accessoires féminins uniques, revisités d’une soie française d’exception.

Unique par son travail artisanal, de la fabrication de la soie à son ornement. Chaque chouchou, bandeau, foulard, étoffe est le reflet du savoir-faire français et nécessite parfois plus d’une heure de travail.

Pour créer ces pièces uniques, nous sommes accompagnées d’entreprises françaises labellisées Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, d’artisans émérites, de couturières d’expérience et de brodeuses d’art.

Parce que les détails font toute la différence, nous misons sur des accessoires féminins de qualité pour habiller vos plus belles tenues.

voile en crêpe de soie gris fumée - L'étoffe de Saba

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